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is your existing interlock, flagstones, steps, Masonary a little tired looking?

* Do you have weeds growing in the gaps of your interlock?

* Stained or discolored interlock? Steps, walls, Flagstones, Masonary getting loose or coming apart?

* Does your interlock stone patio, walkway or driveway, or other surface requires resetting?

If so, David’s landscape construction can help! why wait? Contact us with our help; you can repair, and rebuild your existing stonework.

Paver Stone Interlock, Masonary Stone Repair

David’s landscape construction has many years of experience in this area of service and can easily help you avoid having to completely replace an interlocked surface by providing a quick repair. By relaying or replacing interlocking  paver stones, Masonary stone or rebuilding your wall blocks, we are able to make your surface look like new again.

Interlocking Paver Stone Repair Process Our interlock repair service can help you avoid expensive new installation costs by restoring the damaged area. Your existing interlock stones can be saved with our help by re-grading, re-compacting and re-leveling the affected areas where stones have sagged or lifted over time due to a poor base foundation. No need to replace all interlock stones because of a small fraction of an area is affected. The method we use at Interlock Companies Toronto is cost-efficient, brings pride in home ownership and encourages you to enjoy your outside lifestyles once again.