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If dappled sunlight is more like what you had in mind, then a pergola can provide both the sun you crave and shade you seek. As a free-standing structure, a pergola can allow you to catch a breeze and avoid the harsh sun’s rays. Pergolas can also be attached to your existing home, extending your outdoor space.

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If you have already added a pool to your outdoor space, then the next step to making the space even more enjoyable might be adding a cabana. Not just for tropical resorts, a cabana provides shelter from the sun and a place to relax after an afternoon of swimming. Cabanas can be an extremely affordable option as the structures don’t have to be permanent and can include fabric sides including canvas, drapes or shades.

There is one more demand and as a dedicated deck builder, this is one that we make so that you don’t have to. In order to ensure your total delight, we pay painstaking attention to every facet until the job is done. We like to say that the deck is in the details. There is no small stuff. We sweat the details. There are countless quality checkpoints that must be met during our follow-up inspection of your new deck. Corners will meet squarely, nails and attachments will not be glaringly visible and the color will be true. If not, we will make it right because we are known for delivering exceptional quality.

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