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lighting & irrigation

Landscape lighting is a key element to all landscape projects and should be given careful consideration when putting together a budget. A professionally designed system, combining low voltage and high voltage elements creates an inviting and safe outdoor living area.

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* Spot Lights: Illuminate a bigger area with one or two spotlights. These are great for installing on the outside of your house to provide ample lighting as you step out onto your patio at night.
* Path Lighting: Brighten up your walkways so you and your guests can easily see where they’re going. This helps prevent tripping and falling.
* Up Lighting: Strategically placed spot lights to illuminate the façade of the home.
* Hardscape Step & Wall Lighting: Placing lights along the risers of your steps is becoming a popular way to illuminate stairways.
* Automated Systems: Set your patio lights on a timer so your lights turn on shortly before you begin to need them.

A properly installed irrigation system is essential to protect the healthy growth and nurturing of plant and lawn material associated with your property. One inch of precipitation a week is needed in order for plant life and lawn material to prosper and each aspect of your property may require different watering times or precipitation rates in order to achieve this goal.

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